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Big Frames Capture First Place at WSOE Online V: VALORANT!

On Tuesday, January 26th, Big Frames took home first place and $6,000 at WSOE Online V: VALORANT! Finishing second was Down Bad, netting $3,000 followed by Balanced Esports and Elysium both taking 3rd/4th place for $1,000 each.

The day started off with semifinal series #1 between Elysium and Down Bad. Starting off on Icebox, Down Bad took a commanding lead of 6-0 on offense before Elysium got on the board. After the half, Elysium started to make a comeback but it was too late. Down Bad took the first map 13-7. Moving on to Haven, we saw a much closer round-for-round match. Down Bad was able to hang on and get the win 13-10. Elysium was knocked out of the series and Down Bad moved on to the finals where they awaited their challenger.

Semifinal series #2 was Balanced Esports vs Big Frames. The first map was Bind and Balanced Esports showed why they deserved to be there. After a dominating performance, Balanced Esports won the map 13-4. Match #2 on Split proved to be closer than the first, with both teams staying close in rounds until the end where Big Frames closed it out on top 13-10. Tying the series at 1-1, the next map was Ascent. After a somewhat slow start for Balanced Esports, they were able to close in by the half only losing by 2 rounds. In the second half, Big Frames was able to run away with the match and take the series after a 13-8 win.

Last up for the day was the finals between Down Bad and Big Frames. For the first match, we went to Icebox where the match was a close back and forth resulting in double overtime. Down Bad was able to win 15-13 and took the lead in the series 1-0. Moving on to Bind, Big Frames had one of the most dominating performances of the tournament winning 13-2. With the series now tied at 1-1, the teams headed to Haven. After another close match, Big Frames was able to move to 2-1 in the series with a close 13-11 win. With only one more win needed to win the finals, Big Frames came out on top in Ascent 13-9 and were crowned champion of WSOE Online V: VALORANT!


Check out the full list of results below:


Semifinal #1 – Bo3

Match 1 – Icebox – Elysium 7 vs Down Bad 13

Match 2 – Haven – Elysium 10 vs Down Bad 13

Match 3 – Ascent – Elysium N/A vs Down Bad N/A

Down Bad move on to the finals!


Semifinal #2 – Bo3

Match 1 – Bind – Balanced Esports 13 vs Big Frames 4

Match 2 – Split – Balanced Esports 11 vs Big Frames 13

Match 3 – Ascent – Balanced Esports 8 vs Big Frames 13

Big Frames move on to the finals!


Finals – Bo5

Match 1 – Icebox – Down Bad 15 vs Big Frames 13

Match 2 – Bind – Down Bad 2 vs Big Frames 13

Match 3 – Haven – Down Bad 11 vs Big Frames 13

Match 4 – Ascent – Down Bad 9 vs Big Frames 13

Match 5 – Split – Down Bad N/A vs Big Frames N/A



1st Place: Big Frames ($6,000)

2nd Place: Down Bad ($3,000)

3rd/4th Place: Balanced Esports ($1,000)

3rd/4th Place: Elysium ($1,000)


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