Four New WSOE Champions Have Been Crowned at WSOE Online II: Tekken 7 & SoulCalibur VI

WSOE Online II: Tekken 7 & SoulCalibur VI has concluded and we have named 4 champions:

  • SoulCalibur VI West: LoloMx
  • SoulCalibur VI East: Party Wolf
  • Tekken 7 West: Binchang
  • Tekken 7 East: Glaciating

Each winner took home $1,500 plus a brand new WSOE-inspired Razer Panthera Evo Arcade Stick (Pictures can be found here. Designed by Gia Foley.)

On Saturday, September 5th, the day was filled with action from our US West region! LoloMx proved to be quite the contender, making it all the way to the Grand Finals through the Winners bracket. Xephukai made it to the Winners Final where he faced LoloMx for the first time in the Top 8. LoloMx couldn’t be stopped as Xephukai was shut down 0-3 in a best of 5. After a close Losers Final, Xephukai beat Signia 3-2 and met with the very person who sent him to the Loser’s bracket in the first place: LoloMx. In the end, LoloMx was able to defeat Xephukai 3-1 and was crowned the SoulCalibur VI West champion of WSOE Online II!

That same day, we kicked off the Tekken 7 West bracket with Binchang defeating PhiDx 2-1 and moving on to the Winners Final. It was there that he defeated MandoSavage 3-1, proving why he deserved to be in the Grand Final. Weapon X made his run through the Losers bracket, meeting up and defeating Acumajor and WayGamble before challenging MandoSavage in the Losers Final. With a quick 3-0 finish, Weapon X moved on to the Grand Final, but Binchang showed to be too much to handle. Binchang took the finals in a convincing 3-0 win to be named the Tekken 7 West Champion!

Day 2 of WSOE Online II: Tekken 7 & SoulCalibur VI proved to be just as exciting as the first day with even more incredible matchups and nail-biting action. For SoulCalibur VI, both Kashi and Party Wolf won their Semifinals matches and met up in the Winners Final. Party Wolf ultimately took the win over Kashi 3-0, sending him down to the Losers Final to fight Richsticks. Richsticks had the momentum as he was coming off several wins during his run in the Loser’s bracket. The back and forth fight concluded and Kashi won 3-2 to move on to the Grand Final where Party Wolf was waiting. In a repeat of events, Party Wolf was able to beat Kashi 3-0 and was crowned Champion of SoulCalibur VI East!

Rounding out the action was the Tekken 7 East bracket. The story of the bracket was that of Cuddle_core, who had an incredible run to make it to the Grand Final. Cuddle_core started off by 2-0ing Anakin, last year’s USeF Tekken 7 representative, and she most certainly did not stop there. Cuddle_core then moved on to the Winner’s Final where she succumbed to Galciating 3-1, which was a preview of what was later to come in the bracket. In the Losers Final, Cuddle_core beat Joey Fury 3-1 and moved on to rematch Glaciating in the Grand Final. After a hard-fought win in the Grand Final, Cuddle_core forced a Grand Final reset but ultimately fell short of the victory 3-1. Glaciating claimed 1st place for the Tekken 7 East region and was the final champion to be crowned of WSOE Online II: Tekken 7 & SoulCalibur VI!


Check out the full list of results below:

September 5th – SoulCalibur VI West

Winners Semifinal #1: Xephukai (2) vs Florida Man (1)

Winners Semifinal #2: LoloMx (2) vs Signia (0)

Top 8 Elimination #1: RipCityOutlaw (2) vs BenWithVees (0)

Top 8 Elimination #2: Pawdy (1) vs Sean_Spicer (2)

Losers Quarterfinal #1: Florida Man (1) vs RipCityOutlaw (2)

Losers Quarterfinal #2: Signia (2) vs Sean_Spicer (1)

Losers Semifinals: RipCityOutlaw (0) vs Signia (2)

Winners Final: Xephukai (0) vs LoloMx (3)

Losers Final: Signia (2) vs Xephukai (3)

Grand Finals: LoloMx (3) vs Xephukai (1)


September 5th – Tekken 7 West

Winners Semifinal #1: Binchang (2) vs PhiDX (1)

Winners Semifinal #2: MandoSavage (2) vs WayGamble (0)

Top 8 Elimination #1: Acumajor (1) vs Weapon X (2)

Top 8 Elimination #2: Jermanji (2) vs Haze (0)

Losers Quarterfinal #1: Weapon X (2) vs WayGamble (0)

Losers Quarterfinal #2: PhiDX (0) vs Jermanji (2)

Losers Semifinals: Weapon X (2) vs Jermanji (0)

Winners Final: Binchang (3) vs MandoSavage (1)

Losers Final: Weapon X (3) vs MandoSavage (0)

Grand Finals: Binchang (3) vs Weapon X (0)


September 6th – SoulCalibur VI East

Winners Semifinal #1: Kashi (2) vs JJJ (0)

Winners Semifinal #2: Party Wolf (2) vs Richsticks (1)

Top 8 Elimination #1: Exander (1) vs Jeo (2)

Top 8 Elimination #2: 8WayFunz (2) vs Rikuto (1)

Losers Quarterfinal #1: Richsticks (2) vs Jeo (0)

Losers Quarterfinal #2: JJJ (2) vs 8WayFunz (1)

Losers Semifinals: Richsticks (2) vs JJJ (1)

Winners Final: Kashi (0) vs Party Wolf (3)

Losers Final: Richsticks (2) vs Kashi (3)

Grand Finals: Party Wolf (3) vs Kashi (0)


September 6th – Tekken 7 East

Winners Semifinal #1: Anakin (0) vs Cuddle_core (2)

Winners Semifinal #2: Shadow 20z (0) vs Glaciating (2)

Top 8 Elimination #1: Glaze 20z (0) vs KingOfCrabsTK (2)

Top 8 Elimination #2: Spero Gin (1) vs Joey Fury (2)

Losers Quarterfinal #1: Shadow 20z (2) vs KingOfCrabsTK (0)

Losers Quarterfinal #2: Anakin (0) vs Joey Fury (2)

Losers Semifinals: Shadow 20z (0) vs Joey Fury (2)

Winners Final: Cuddle_core (1) vs Glaciating (3)

Losers Final: Joey Fury (1) vs Cuddle_core (3)

Grand Finals: Glaciating (2) vs Cuddle_core (3)

Grand Finals Reset: Glaciating (3) vs Cuddle_core (1)


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