Nohandsgamer Crowned WSOE Online I: Hearthstone Champion

Nohandsgamer Crowned WSOE Online I: Hearthstone Champion and TheRabbin Qualifies for Hearthstone Masters Tour Online: Montreal

The first WSOE Online tournament has concluded and Nohandsgamer reigned supreme! After a convincing 2-0 win over bloodyface in the Quarterfinals, Nohandsgamer moved on to play Khal. In the first match, Nohandsgamer defeated Khal, leaving him with an astonishing 10 cards left in his hand. Khal rallied back in the second match, beating Nohandsgamer while taking minimal damage and having 27 HP left. Match point was a quick game, with Nohandsgamer showing the world why he deserved the title of Grand Master. With a score of 2-1, Nohandsgamer moved on to the Grand Finals where TheRabbin was waiting.

In the Grand Finals, TheRabbin was able to take the first match without losing any HP. During the second match, TheRabbin had control until about mid-way through where Nohandsgamer turned up the heat to tie the series 1-1. While TheRabbin was ahead at the start of match 3 dealing some pretty heavy damage, Nohandsgamer was given a game-changing draw of Ironbark, which gives a minion +1/+3 and Taunt. With 10 HP left, Nohandsgamer was able to start clearing the board. On top of that, Nohandsgamer drew an Overflow. This allowed for him to restore 5 HP and also draw 5 cards, which helped him start to inflict major damage on TheRabbin to win the series 2-1.

Nohandsgamer was crowned the WSOE Online I: Hearthstone Champion and took home the $5,000 first-place prize and TheRabbin secured the invite to Hearthstone Masters Tour Online: Montreal, along with a $2,000, as Nohandsgamer was already invited to the tournament!

Check out the full list of results below:

  • Quarterfinal 1: Cosmo (1) vs TheRabbin (2)
  • Quarterfinal 2: Tteokbokki (2) vs Reliquary (0)
  • Quarterfinal 3: bloodyface (0) vs Nohandsgamer (2)
  • Quarterfinal 4: Ezbake (0) vs Khal (2)
  • Showmatch 1: Orange (0) vs Feno (2)
  • Semifinal 1: TheRabbin (2) vs Tteokbokki (1)
  • Semifinal 2: Nohandsgamer (2) vs Khal (1)
  • Showmatch 2: Jia (1) vs Darroch (2)
  • Grand Finals: TheRabbin (1) vs Nohandsgamer (2)

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