NRG wins WSOE Online III: Rocket League

WSOE Online III: Rocket League was this past weekend and your champion is NRG, who took home $6,000 of the $10,000 prize pool! In second place, taking home $3,000, was Envy. Rounding out the top 3 was Alpine Esports, who took home $1,000.


Day 1 on November 7th was filled with pool play action to determine the top 4 that would move on to day 2. To start the day, Nefarious took on Alpine Esports and lost 4-2 while Ghost Gaming was swept by Envy 4-0. In the next round, Envy beat Alpine Esports 4-2 while Nefarious gave Ghost Gaming their second loss with a match count of 4 to 2. In the final round of Group A pool play, Ghost Gaming got their first win against Alpine Esports with a close 4-3 series while Envy took down Nefarious 4-2. Envy and Alpine Esports made the top 4, thus moving on to day 2!


Group B pool play started off with a close series between the Kansas City Pioneers and Down Two Earth. Down Two Earth took the series 4-3 while NRG swept eUnited 4-0. In the following round, NRG beat the Kansas City Pioneers 4-2 and eUnited beat Down Two Earth 4-1. For the final round of Group B, there was a close matchup between the Kansas City Pioneers and eUnited. The Kansas City Pioneers survived with a 4-3 match count and NRG swept another team, Nefarious, 4-0. After all the action was complete and the dust settled, NRG and the Kansas City Pioneers made the top 4. It is important to note that the Kansas City Pioneers made the top 4 instead of eUnited because, even though they had an equal game differential, it was the Kansas City Pioneers that won the head-to-head matchup vs eUnited.


On Sunday, November 8th, day 2 started off with some heated action between Envy and the Kansas City Pioneers. Envy was down 3-1 and came back to win 4-3, thus knocking the Kansas City Pioneers to the 3rd place tiebreaker match. During Semi-Final #2, NRG did what NRG does best and swept Alpine Esports 4-0, thus sending them to play the Kansas City Pioneers for the 3rd place spot.


The 3rd place tiebreaker match between the Kansas City Pioneers and Alpine Esports was a close one that went all the way to match 7 to declare a victor. The Kansas City Pioneers took the first two matches 5-2 and 4-3 respectively while Alpine Esports took the next two 7-5 and 4-3. From there on, it went back and forth with both the Kansas City Pioneers and Alpine Esports taking a match to force a game 7. 40 seconds into overtime, Alpine Esports was able to take the match 3-2 and claimed 3rd place.


All that was left after that match was the Grand Finals of NRG vs Envy. NRG took a commanding early lead winning the first two matches 2-1 and 3-1. Envy completely dominated NRG in the next two matches, not allowing them to score a single goal. The score for both games was 1-0. With NRG and Envy being tied at 2-2 in the match count, NRG took games 5 and 6 2-1 to secure their first-place victory at WSOE Online III: Rocket League!


Check out the full list of results below:


Day 1:

Pool Play Group A:

Nefarious 2 vs. Alpine Esports 4

Ghost Gaming 0 vs. Envy 4

Envy 4 vs. Alpine Esports 2

Ghost Gaming 2 vs. Nefarious 4

Alpine Esports 3 vs. Ghost Gaming 4

Nefarious 2 vs. Envy 4


Envy and Alpine Esports made the top 4!


Pool Play Group B:

KC Pioneers 3 vs. Down Two Earth 4

eUnited 0 vs. NRG 4

NRG 4 vs. KC Pioneers 2

Down Two Earth 1 vs. eUnited 4

eUnited 3 vs. KC Pioneers 4

Down Two Earth 0 vs. NRG 4


NRG and Kansas City Pioneers made the top 4!


Day 2:

Semi-Final #1:

Envy 4 vs. KC Pioneers 3


Semi-Final #2:

Alpine Esports 0 vs. NRG 4


3rd Place Tiebreak:

KC Pioneers 3 vs Alpine Esports 4



Envy 2 vs. NRG 4



1st Place: NRG ($6,000)

2nd Place: Envy ($3,000)

3rd Place: Alpine Esports ($1,000)


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