J.Storm | Reset, rebuild, and dominate!

Only one month ago, J.Storm looked a lot different than it does today. Partnered with the storied Chinese organization, Vici Gaming, VGJ.Storm managed a Top Eight finish at The International 2018 in August. Since then, the partnership has dissolved and the TI8 roster has been released. Basketball star Jeremy Lin did not waste much time scouting a new squad to join his organization. He signed a new team, Marchoutofarmy, made up of veteran players that had a successful run in the Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers.

Moo is a household name when it comes to North American Dota, while March and Forev are two Korean players that actually played together years ago in 2015 for MVP Phoenix. March then had to serve in compulsory military service, hence the team name “March out of army” when they reunited this year.

J.Storm recently defeated compLexity and had split series with both ROOONS and paiN X in online competition, so they will be looking to build on that success in a live environment at WSOE 1 and prove their abilities in person.

First match (on stream): Sunday, October 14, 2:30 p.m. Pacific
WSOE Tournament Ranking: #2