HAPPY GUYS | Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

These are not syndereN’s Mad Lads you might remember from earlier this year. He tried to qualify for TI8 with Mad Lads, but two players departed the team just before the qualifiers. syndereN still managed to attend TI8 as an analyst, and now has the honor of having attended every International as either talent or an invited player. At the beginning of this new season, syndereN decided to try again and HAPPY GUYS was formed only one month ago with the intent of winning as much as possible.

HAPPY GUYS’ players have the unique distinction of representing the four corners of the globe: Illidan from Russia, Timado from Peru, syndereN from Denmark, AfrOmoush from Jordan, and Buugi from Finland. Illidan and Timado both have experience playing at The International in past years, but Buugi and AfrOmoush are relatively less accomplished and it will be interesting to see how this mix of veterans and rising stars will mesh in the Arena.

HAPPY GUYS come to Las Vegas for WSOE 1 with a fresh squad, nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain for their reputations if they manage to upset one of the more established teams at their first live event.

First match (on stream): Sunday, October 14, 1:00 p.m. Pacific
WSOE Tournament Ranking: #7