ROOONS | North American Dota’s Newest Hope!

ROOONS is another new team on the block, having formed just two weeks before WSOE 1! The most recognizable member, BananaSlamJamma, has notoriety as a player, streamer, and analyst. He is on a mission to become the top North American Dota 2 player, and has assembled some NA teammates to take a run at this new season.

Jubei and monkeys-forever have both played on teams with BSJ in the past, and they are joined by Boris and iAnnihilate to form a squad capable of competing with North America’s best. Despite having just formed, ROOONS have already qualified for DreamLeague Season 10 alongside compLexity Gaming, as well as the inaugural season of the NA Dota Challengers League. Because of this hot start, they were invited to take part in WSOE 1 as well as the upcoming Red Bull Guardians event.

Will ROOONS make a splash in Las Vegas? They are entering this international event as unknown underdogs, but a couple of big wins could validate them as a top contender!

First match (on stream): Sunday, October 14, 2:30 p.m. Pacific
WSOE Tournament Ranking: #8