WSOE 7 | #1 in the World Tekken Legend Knee and Dominating New York SoulCalibur Player Linkorz Join the WSOE 7 Lineup

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With WSOE 7: The Tekken 7 & SoulCalibur VI Showdown on the way, each day we will be revealing two players from the lineup. Make sure to check back here daily to see if your favorite fighter made the cut!

Jae Min “Knee” Bae

Notable Achievements:

  • Wellplayed Challenger Osaka – 1st Place
  • OGN OSL Invitational – 2nd Place
  • CEO Daytona 2019 – 1st Place
  • TGU x SEA Major Thailand 2019 – 2nd Place
  • Combo Breaker 2019 – 1st PlaceThe MIXUP 2018 – 1st Place
  • Tokyo Masters 2018 – 1st Place
  • Combo Breaker 2018 – 1st Place
  • EVO 2018 – 1st Place
  • EVO 2013 – 1st Place
  • World Cyber Games 2010 – 1st Place

The two-time EVO champion Knee has been locked in for WSOE 7. The South Korean player is currently ranked #1 in the world and rightfully so. Knee enters WSOE 7 fresh off a first-place finish at CEO Daytona 2019 beating CHANEL, as well as JDCR and kkokkoma. With a series of multiple first place finishes, it is no surprise that Knee is widely regarded as the greatest Tekken player of all time and is the player to beat at WSOE 7.

Is there anyone that can take on Knee and survive? One person in particular that we will be watching to take him down is the new sensation Arslan Ash. Arslan previously has dethroned the king on three specific occasions. At EVO Japan 2019, Arslan knocked Knee out of the tournament in a dismal 25th place and at TGU x SEA Major Thailand 2019, Arslan beat Knee in the finals. At the OUG Tournament in 2018, Arslan asserted his dominance and beat Knee twice.

Will Knee be able to get revenge on Arslan at WSOE 7 and confirm that he is truly the #1 player in the world,or will he let Arslan get the best of him again?


Nathan “linkorz” Mandell

Notable Achievements:

  • CEO 2019 – 4th Place
  • Combo Breaker 2019 – 1st Place
  • Texas Showdown 2019 – 1st Place
  • Northwest Majors XI – 1st Place
  • The MIXUP 2019 – 3rd Place
  • April Annihilation 2019 – 1st Place
  • NorCal Regionals 2019 – 2nd Place
  • Northeast Championship 19 2018 – 1st Place
  • East Coast Throwdown 2018 – 1st Place

East coast beast linkorz will be here to make a run for the WSOE 7 SoulCalibur crown. The 19-year-old put school on hold to focus on competing full-time. Typically found dominating at Next Level Battle Circuit in New York, linkorz is set to show why he was invited to Vegas.

His wins may be contributed to how he prepares for events – he analyzes his opponent, the decisions he could make, and what the results of those decisions could be. Linkorz proved this at the Northeast Championship in December of last year. One of the biggest SoulCalibur competitions since EVO 2012, linkorz placed higher than 285 players, including Party Wolf, Saiyne, Bluegod, and Shen Chan. This first-place victory is one of his proudest moments in his career thusfar.

A Modern-Day Rivalry. Linkorz has had his eyes on Bluegod ever since the NorCal Regionals earlier this year. After getting sent to the losers’ bracket by Bluegod, linkorz worked his way back to the Grand Final, only for Bluegod to beat him once again. The next event, April Annihilation, proved to be redemption as linkorz came back with a vengeance and beat Bluegod in the Grand Finals. This wasn’t enough for linkorz, however. To assert his dominance at the Texas Showdown in 2019, linkorz went head to head with Bluegod multiple times. After getting sent to the losers’ bracket by Bluegod, linkorz came back and won the Grand Finals yet again.

Will linkorz be able to keep the momentum and beat his main rival Bluegod again along with the other competitors at WSOE 7 in order to take the crown?

Mark your calendar for WSOE 7: The Tekken 7 & SoulCalibur VI Showdown on 7/27 starting at 10 AM PT live at Twitch.tv/WSOE! To keep up with all WSOE news, make sure to check out our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.