WSOE 7 | New Tekken Sensation Arslan and SoulCalibur CEO 2019 Winner Bluegod join WSOE 7

wsoe 7

With WSOE 7: The Tekken 7 & SoulCalibur VI Showdown under way, each day we will be revealing two players from the lineup. Make sure to check back here daily to see if your favorite fighter made the cut! To kick off the action, let’s take a look at our first two players.

Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique

Notable Achievements:

  • TGU x SEA Major Thailand 2019 – 1st Place
  • Gaming Tent KSA 2019 – 1st Place
  • True Gaming Invitational 2019 – 7th-8th Place
  • Evolution Championship Series Japan 2019 – 1st Place
  • OUG Tournament 2018 – 1st Place
  • FV x SEA Major Malaysia 2018 – 9th-12th Place

Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique is a Pakistani Tekken 7 professional player. Relatively unheard of previously, the win that put Arslan on the map was Evolution Championship Series Japan 2019 in February. After having visa issues, a crowd funded campaign allowed Arslan to compete in EVO Japan. After finally obtaining his visa, Arslan had major flight issues and almost did not make it to the tournament. After about 48 hours spent on different airplanes and never giving up, he was able to beat some of the most accomplished Tekken 7 veterans including current #1 world-ranked Knee, CherryBerryMango, and AK to win his first major international appearance! After winning EVO Japan, Arslan went on to place first at both Gaming Tent KSA in May and Thaiger Uppercut 2019 in June, finishing ahead of players Knee, JeonDDing and Qudans. Will Arslan Ash dominate once again in his next international appearance at WSOE 7 or fall short of the lofty expectations that he has now set for himself and his fanbase?


Zain “Bluegod” Tibeishat

Notable Achievements:

  • CEO 2019 – 1st Place
  • DreamHack Dallas 2019 – 1st Place
  • Texas Showdown 2019 – 2nd Place
  • April Annihilation 2019 – 2nd Place
  • NorCal Regionals 2019 – 1st Place
  • Dropkick So-Calibur 2018 – 1st Place

Zain “Bluegod” Tibeishat is a household name in the professional SoulCalibur VI circuit and for good reason. Bluegod hails from Lawndale, California and is currently ranked #1 in the world. Starting his professional career in 2013, Bluegod is well-known in the local fighting game scene and has competed in over 30 events over the span of his career. His most recent win was in June, where he fought off top SoulCalibur competitors, RichSticks and Shen Chan, to finish first at CEO 2019! Previously, Bluegod placed first in both DreamHack Dallas and NorCal Regionals, besting fierce competition such as linkorz, LoloMx, and Fyre. Bluegod is considered a heavy favorite in most SoulCalibur VI tournaments and will have a huge target on his back at WSOE 7. Can Bluegod continue to crush his competition and maintain his incredible streak of success under the bright lights of the WSOE 7 stage? We can’t wait to find out!

Mark your calendar for WSOE 7: The Tekken 7 & SoulCalibur VI Showdown on 7/27 starting at 10 AM PT live at Twitch.tv/WSOE! To keep up with all WSOE news, make sure to check out our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.