With WSOE 7: The Tekken 7 & SoulCalibur VI Showdown on the way, each day we will be revealing two players from the lineup. Make sure to check back here daily to see if your favorite fighter made the cut! This is number 6 of 7. Watch this space for the final roster announcement!


Jeannail “Cuddle_Core” Carter

Notable Achievements:

  • CEO 2019 – 13th–16th Place
  • Combo Breaker 2019 – 9th-12th Place
  • Northwest Majors XI 2019 – 7th-8th Place
  • Kumite in Tennessee 2019 – 3rd Place
  • Tekken World Tour Finals 2018 Last Chance Qualifier – 4th Place
  • Canada Cup 2018 – 4th Place
  • EVO 2018 – 17th-24th Place
  • ELEAGUE Tekken Team Takedown 2018 – 1st Place

Cuddle_Core is a Tekken 7 player representing Equinox Gaming, where she is the only female in the US top 20. An accomplished gamer, Cuddle_Core also has a passion for art and even studied it in school. Even though she is a female in a male-dominated space, she is looking to also show the Korean players that the US is here to compete. At her two most recent events, CEO and Combo Breaker, Cuddle_Core lost to both CHANEL and JDCR. With JDCR now in the competition by winning the qualifier, Cuddle_Core will not only be looking to get her revenge on him, but will attempt to take down Knee, JeonDDing, and LowHigh as well.

Girl Power! In the most dominating performance of her career, Cuddle_Core dismantled some of the strongest male Tekken players in the scene during the ELEAGUE Tekken Team Takedown last year. During the Captain’s Challenge to determine play order, Cuddle_Core was pinned against Red Bull Esports Athlete and fellow WSOE 7 competitor Anakin, who is the top ranked US player. In a huge upset, not only did she beat Anakin, but she completely dominated him. To show that it wasn’t a one-off win, Cuddle_Core beat Anakin in 6 straight rounds in their next meeting. She then went on to beat the rest of his team, including NGObscure, Joey Fury, and Spero Gin. We know we’ll be watching to see if Cuddle_Core can repeat her previously dominating performance verse her all-male competitors at WSOE 7!


Jeremy “Skyll” Bernard

Notable Achievements:

  • viennality 2k19 – 1st Place
  • CEO 2019 – 7th-8th Place
  • DreamHack Tours 2019 – 1st Place
  • Soul Sword Battle 2019 – 1st Place
  • Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2019 – 4th Place
  • EVO Japan 2019 – 17th-24th Place
  • The MIXUP Invitational 2018 – 5th-8th Place

Skyll is a French SoulCalibur player for Team Oplon who also started making waves competing in Dragon Ball FighterZ. No stranger to competition, Skyll has been playing SoulCalibur for nearly 15 years. In his most recent appearance at viennality 2k19, Skyll dominated in both SoulCalibur and Dragon Ball FighterZ, taking home first place in both titles. After getting his first sponsor last year, Skyll has been able to start competing beyond just the French scene. His first time being in the United States was for CEO 2019, where he beat Saiyne but lost to RichSticks to take the 7th-8th spot.

Skyll’s Skill A recent success story, Skyll has shown that he can play a top level. In 2019, Skyll defeated top French player Keev at DreamHack Tours after fighting back through the losers’ bracket. He also bested NOOBICYDE, linkorz, and Sandman at Soul Sword Battle, all of which who are tough competitors in the world of SoulCalibur. Will Skyll’s dual-fighting game talent carry over into WSOE 7 or will the Americans prove to be troublemakers?

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